Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Moving forward! It's time to take a moment to celebrate as the seller's have agreed to pay for the required FHA repairs.... Can't you all see the hubs doing his famous shopping cart dance move? I wish I had a picture of that to post here. While there isn't much time for celebration yet, there's just too much to do, there will be a lot of time to celebrate once we move. So everyone can start planning their visits to see us. At the Beach! <-Like how that becomes it own sentence? And I don't mean those visits you all promised to make to California and never did, you know who you all are. We still love you all anyways.

So while we celebrate this victory I am burying myself in fort of boxes. As with each passing day our home in California looks less and less like home and more like a storage unit. Today I walk around with a huge sigh of relief and ready to tackle the next project. Next project you might ask? Sending our Great Dane, all our stuff, and cars on its way to our new home. We'll meet it all there with if things go according to plan.


  1. Yes I know I am one of the guilty parties but we all meant it with well intentions! I am glad things are working out for you and the hubs....Just thought I'd check it out as it has been a crazy week with the brunch and school starting back! Love ya and can't wait to have you back so close!

  2. SO EXCITED FOR YOU! And as soon as I am welcome, I'm taking the first flight out.

    Err which airport again?