Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mini Makeover

So I did a mini makeover for our front porch this past Tuesday. She is a process in the works but it is coming along. Amazing at what fresh paint, new handles, a couple of plants (thanks for the sago palms mom), and a good scrubbing will do.

I dream of adding some lights like these one day to two of the posts on the outer edges of the porch.

And even dream about adding 2 ceiling fans to the porch such as these.

We could always use some more plantings in front as well, but that is another day and whole larger scale plan.

xoxo- Livin' the Gulf Dream

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Day at The Beach

{Photo by me from my walk ©09.21.2010}

any of you keep sending me emails and inquiring how the hubs and I are settling in. We are settling is the best answer I have for you. Most of all we are attempting to mingle and become locals, and plant some firm roots here. We were in transient mode for so long that no place ever really felt like "home". We want Santa Rosa Beach to be home, forever for all I am concerned.

I always dreamed of living here along the Gulf ever since I can remember, and this dream well still feels like a dream. It still has not quite set in just yet for the hubs or me that we actually live here, not vacation here but live here. I keep waiting for the moment it sets in.

I thought that moment might come yesterday, however it did not. I went for a long walk on the beach before a lunch meeting I had. It was just one of those morning where I had worked on a problem all morning that had continued on from the day before, so frustration had set in deeply. I walked to clear my mind and try to relax a bit. As I walked I did relax, I became less irritated about the issue and a calmness set in. But that I think was all in part because I suddenly felt like I was on vacation. Yes, vacation mode set in as I stared at the clear water and white sand. So all I can say folks, is here is to never going back and always being "on vacation". Who cares if it never sets in that we really live here if moments like today help me keep my sanity.

-Gulf Livin' & Vacationin'

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dear Tracery Interiors, I'm in LOVE

have been dying to finally move to the 30A area just so I could visit Tracery Interiors. This past weekend the hubs and I ventured down towards Alys Beach and made a special stop by Tracery Interiors. The hubs hears me rant and rave over all sorts of items, most recently decor and home improvements. I have mentioned the blog and shop of Tracery a few times and how I love their stuff, it wasn't until this weekend the hubs actually started listening to my raves about them.

The shop is to die for! I wish they'd let me in their warehouse, I could just sit in awe for hours on end I think if they were to let me. See those fabulous green chairs in the postcard above? They were actually in the shop that day and let's just say I'd spend all of my monopoly money on them and several more items if I could right then and there.

I can't wait for the first weekend in October! I hear there might be a sale there as well as a great community yard sale in Seaside. Oh the joys of 30A, I am so in LOVE with it all!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Best Food 30A West

y far the best meal I have had along the western end of 30A has been my meal at Stinky's Fish Camp. I can't say best food inclusive of all of 30A as I have not ventured far enough just yet, but I cannot see how they aren't a contender for that title.

I enjoyed the freshest salad for an appetizer I have ever had, it was almost as though the items were just picked, washed, and diced right there. As I foodie at heart I always go with a nightly special, if I don't I feel as though I might miss something. Boy was I glad that I followed by my own rules. Craving a traditional Southern meal I ordered the night's special of Shrimp and Grits.
No other way to describe it people. The grilled shrimped were cooked to perfection, not greasy or overly cooked, perfectly cooked people. That is such a rarity for me to find. The grits were the highlight of the dish, they were creamy, smooth, and had a hint of cheese without being stringy.

I have already been back on my diet for a few days now in preparation of my next visit! I know it will be a go-to-place when people visit us here.

Livin' the Gulf Dream

Thursday, September 9, 2010

We Are Alive

{Image Compliments of My Momma from Our First Dinner as Florida Residents}

es everyone, we are alive! Sorry for the delay in letting you all know but this last week has been a whirlwind of sorts. We are slowly digging our way out of the fortress of boxes. We are still settling in and getting back to work. I must tell you all it still does not feel real yet, seems like a weird a vacation that has lots of trips to Home Depot.

The house is even better than we had expected. We were expecting it to be on the small side. Well let me tell ya'll this is more house I ever really care to clean. Our king size bed looks lost in the master bedroom, I sure hope we get some more furniture in the coming months!

Living in paradise everyday has not sunk in yet, but maybe it will when we finally get our cars.

Livin' the Gulf Dream