Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dear Tracery Interiors, I'm in LOVE

have been dying to finally move to the 30A area just so I could visit Tracery Interiors. This past weekend the hubs and I ventured down towards Alys Beach and made a special stop by Tracery Interiors. The hubs hears me rant and rave over all sorts of items, most recently decor and home improvements. I have mentioned the blog and shop of Tracery a few times and how I love their stuff, it wasn't until this weekend the hubs actually started listening to my raves about them.

The shop is to die for! I wish they'd let me in their warehouse, I could just sit in awe for hours on end I think if they were to let me. See those fabulous green chairs in the postcard above? They were actually in the shop that day and let's just say I'd spend all of my monopoly money on them and several more items if I could right then and there.

I can't wait for the first weekend in October! I hear there might be a sale there as well as a great community yard sale in Seaside. Oh the joys of 30A, I am so in LOVE with it all!

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