Friday, September 10, 2010

Best Food 30A West

y far the best meal I have had along the western end of 30A has been my meal at Stinky's Fish Camp. I can't say best food inclusive of all of 30A as I have not ventured far enough just yet, but I cannot see how they aren't a contender for that title.

I enjoyed the freshest salad for an appetizer I have ever had, it was almost as though the items were just picked, washed, and diced right there. As I foodie at heart I always go with a nightly special, if I don't I feel as though I might miss something. Boy was I glad that I followed by my own rules. Craving a traditional Southern meal I ordered the night's special of Shrimp and Grits.
No other way to describe it people. The grilled shrimped were cooked to perfection, not greasy or overly cooked, perfectly cooked people. That is such a rarity for me to find. The grits were the highlight of the dish, they were creamy, smooth, and had a hint of cheese without being stringy.

I have already been back on my diet for a few days now in preparation of my next visit! I know it will be a go-to-place when people visit us here.

Livin' the Gulf Dream

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