Monday, November 15, 2010

Early Thanksgiving Dinner

This weekend our neighbors held a fabulous neighborhood thanksgiving dinner. It was really simple, everyone brought 1 side dish to serve 25-30 people and their own adult beverages. I worked on painting bookcases all weekend so while waiting for the paint to dry in between coats I baked 6 dozen cookies to make cream filled cookie sandwiches and made 2 pans of dressing. Everyone raved that it was fabulous so I hope it really all was.

This was a pleasure for me to do but I realized that some people may not have the time, patience or talent for cooking. So was are they to do? Well I just found out that Williams and Sonoma can prepare all the items for your Thanksgiving meal and it will be shipped to you. You can get a cajun fried turkey, cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin cheese cake, and even dress your table up for the main event.

And just remember this is the time of the year to give thanks, not be stressed. To remind myself of how fortunate we are we always do something for someone else. This year a neighbor's child came by asking for cans goods for their Church to deliver meals to local families. We took the list that they needed for a family and purchased all the items on the list including a gift card for purchasing a turkey. While the entire list only cost us $40 I know it will mean so much more to the family that gets to eat a feast together on Thanksgiving day.

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