Friday, November 12, 2010

Steal verse Lux

It is all about Tolix chairs! Who doesn't love them? I have adored these chairs from Pottery Barn since the moment I saw them about 2 years ago. And boy have they ever become the popular kid around the table.

But not everyone can afford the on sale price of $749 for a set of 4 chairs from Pottery Barn. If the price were half that you could probably manage getting them in your budget right? I just happened to come across some knock offs. From Home Depot of all places too! And with the chairs coming it at $99 each that makes them about half the price for a set of 4! Now granted they are not the exact same, and it would be easier to tell more about their look in person. So maybe order one and if you love it order more! With them coming in red, cream, and silver I would like some for my outdoor table.

I absolutely love the ones from Pottery Barn, like everything else there, but these might be worth investigating.

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