Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Great Reasons to Live in Florida

There are tons of great reasons to live in the state of Florida. It seems like I discover new reasons all of the time since I became a Floridian. Here are afew reason, in no particular order, that I thought I might sway you to become a Floridian too:

1. The Beach

I mean come on, really? Does the beach really need to be any more obvious of a reason to live in Florida?

2. No Personal State Income Taxes

You know that extra few hundred dollars you see come out of your check each pay period for state income taxes? Floridians have a big fat ZERO there. Imagine if you could keep that money each time, it would seem like you got a big raise wouldn't it?

3. State Tags

Okay if you go to the DMW you literally have a hundred choices of types of speciality plates to choose from and not to mention you get to support a worthy cause each year—for less than what you'd spend on dinner one night. Mine is still on its way as I will be sporting a personalized specialty plate, I'm supporting to save the wild dolphins.

4. Disney Discounts

Yeah the happiest place on earth stays happy with Floridians having the ability to purchase discounted annual passes to their parks. Just by being a Florida resident you get a discount.

5. Being The Most Popular Relative or Friend

Who doesn't feel loved when you look at your calendar and realize you have guests every weekend for the next month or so? We had to beg and plead just to get our parents to visit Cali much less anyone else coming out for a visit there. In Florida everybody wants a mini vacation to get away from their everyday lives. Not to mention we are pretty good hosts.

6. Great Food

If you love food then you have to visit Florida. It has become a melting pot of sorts for Southerns, Northerns, Cajuns, and everyone else to come together to share their best food. A few of our weekly spots in the 30A area are Stinky's Fish Camp, The Donut Hole, Don Pedros, and Smiling Fish Cafe. And don't forget other local favorites like Red Bar and Bud and Alleys.

7. The People

We met more people in the first 4 days in Florida than our entire 4 years in Cali. People here are so welcoming and friendly. It has taken some getting used to having conversations in line at the grocery store or a table across the resturant with total strangers.

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