Friday, December 3, 2010

A Fresh Look

So we are hoping to have our garage doors installed soon. I thought I'd share with you all the plan.

So currently we have these hideous cheap wood carriage doors that are rotting and sagging. They are impossible to use.

We are having faux carriage doors installed in white. I am thinking about painting parts of them the same green as the house to tie them in with it. I hate boring plain white doors. What do you think? Leave them white or add that green?

I have even toyed with adding the blue from the front door, but I think it is way too much.

Oh it is only paint, right?


  1. Definitely play with the color. But how bad of quality are the old doors? Could you do something creative with them in a new location? From the picture above (they look old) but still kind of cool. Turn them into a table? Or sell them on e-bay. People love the vintage wood. Unless they are moldy :P

  2. Dani they need to be trashed. They are molding, rotting, sagging, tearing apart, and sadly they are just a thin tongue and groove pine with varnish that is peeling. They are only 5 years old and were not used on a daily basis. Nothing of good quality... besides a neighborhood already call dibbs until she realized all of the above. She was thinking along the same lines as you!