Thursday, December 2, 2010

Support the Team

So if you are like me you probably have a hubs or bf that is into sports or rather if you live in the South it is part of who you are. With that though comes all these obnoxious colors that make decorating impossible.

I have been finding ways to incorporate my hubs and my favorite SEC team into our home without it being over the top and in your face, and need I mention obnoxious again. So last week I took his Auburn Tigers Dr faux street sign and gave it a faux treatment of my own. I did my best to make that baby look more vintage and less obnoxious.

All I did was wipe the sign down, spray paint it matte black, paint the raised letters with white flat paint, and then lightly sanded with 220 to give it some character flaws. I am excited I found a way to incorporate the hubs alma mater into our home.

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