Friday, July 2, 2010

The Cottage

o it appears as though we have gotten the contract on our house! Yippee! I thought the FDIC was gonna ask for blood samples yesterday— They have a long contract approval check list since it is a foreclosure. For instance they had to verify we weren't related to prior owners. Long story short, this morning when I looked at the MLS for the house it had been marked with a pink background flag and marked as under contract with Bev our Agent. I confirmed with Bev and she had not even noticed until I sent it to her. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning who snuck down early to see what Santa brought.

So ladies and gents we move forward! We'll celebrate this weekend, then hold our breathe again as we get through the inspection. Here's to hoping all goes well!

In the meantime here are some pictures to share with you all:

The stairs I fear will be a slip n' slide for Captain.

I love this fixture in the stairwell.

We'll probably relocate the ceiling fan to another room as it does not coordinate well with our master suite. Maybe a coat of light grey paint will be instore as well.
We shall see.

I am so excited about the kitchen. I love the cabinets and even the back splash! I have noticed a few knobs missing but those can be fun to replace if I cannot find the matching ones.

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  1. This place is GORGEOUS! I absolutely love the kitchen! The cabinets and tiles are amazing. I cannot wait to see it after you add your creative touch!

    Oh and I love the ceiling fan too! So definitely relocate it if it doesn't match but don't discard it!