Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Something Magical

{Photo via PingNews Flickr}

omething magical and wonderous happened today. First though it started with an explosion. The explosion being the plumber finding items that keep the house from meeting code, would have never met code. Items that were found should have never been allowed for a certificate of occupancy when the house was built and sold to the first buyer. While under our confidentiality agreement we can't disclose it all right now, lets just say we had to begin thinking about letting our dream house go.

Just as the hubs and I were discussing our plan of action and preparing to call our agent, the phone rings and it is our agent Bev! She was calling with some good news. Some how or another the sellers have agreed to pay for any items keeping the home from qualifying for FHA lending. What!?! Did I hear that correctly? I am extremely happy about this turn of events but in the back of mind is my mom's pesky voice from childhood...

{If it seems too good to be true then it probably is.}

The child like side of me is jumping for joy and overly ecstatic about this, while the very adult side of me is proceeding with caution. So everyone please say prayers this all goes well. Our bank wants all repairs completed by August 13th, so the clock is ticking! We're proceeding with caution by preparing for the worst and hoping for the best as they say.

xoxo- Gulf Dreamin'


  1. Oh Angela that is a blessing I'm praying for the best for you and Dennis and your beloved new home! I know the time restrictions our nothing but tense but look at it this way it will be over soon and you will be home!

  2. Thank You! I am by all means smiling while holding my breathe it all goes smoothly! I am thinking positive that it will all work out. D is wondering if all the items wrong are red flags and a sign we should walk away. I see it differently of course ;)