Saturday, July 3, 2010

Living Room Dreaming

o with moving cross country we are selling everything we can to make the move simpler. Which means we'll need furniture for our new home. I love redecorating so it will be a fun task. I just have to remind myself it won't happen over night! If you see me in the coming months while out shopping and I am uttering those words, you'll know I am trying to talk myself out spending too much moola too quickly.

So for the meantime I'll be day dreaming about my new rooms. I see there are lots of furniture consignment stores throughout the Destin area, so you bet I'll be scouring those from top to bottom to save some, or save a lot actually.

Here is a living room for now to dream about:

In the background is the basic room, blue walls, stained cypressed, stain concrete floors, and white trim. I love the current basics in the living room so I will be working with what is in place already. The room is rather small so picking light and airy colors and items will be a must for the project.

I dream of cream or white sofas. So being slipped covered would be a must so they can be washed, I'll probably need 1-2 extra covers in the linen closet for any big "oops" and wear and tear so this one from Ballard Designs would work just great.

The coffee table we fell in love with first at Restoration Hardware, but then I came across it again here. Wow half the price! That makes it so much more feasible for our budget.

The accent chair is just my style from Pier1. It is graphic, colorful, tufted, and even utilizes the house's current wall color.

The driftwood end table is from Crate and Barrel, although I am half tempted to try to enlist the hubby in us making one ourselves.

So long as I am dreaming I wish for the seamaster floor lamp from RH. I'm hoping I can find a vintage one to be restored and it be MUCH less costly.

A few accessories to start; add a touch of color the sofa with the orange and red paisley pillows. Some faux blue coral on the end table.

The rug is one of the items we already have and will repurpose it in our new living roon. It was a great find for us here at Ikea and has held up especially well with the dogs thus far.

While this does not finish the room, it is a rather nice design board start I think. Hopefully I can be resourceful in the coming months and get everything just as I picture in my head.

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  1. It looks great!! I am anxious to see this beautiful home lived in.....and your decorating ideas are fantastic!