Friday, July 16, 2010

Nobody Said Downhill Was Easy

{photo via millzero flickr stream}

ou all know the saying "its all down hill from here"? Meaning that you have over come the hard part of climbing the hill. Never mind those stupid obstacles going downhill that cause you to stumble, rapidly push you forward, or cause discourse— downhill can be just as much part of the battle. With that all said yes we finally got our contract back on our house.

Yes take a moment to jump up and down to celebrate just as we did. Long enough? Now that is over with lets start the descend.

{Okay people lets do this, we can get through this!}

This morning our fabulous agent had scheduled the home inspection. The sellers assured us that all was in working order for the inspection. Whoops, they forgot that something wasn't hooked up thus causing a slight flood in what would be our hallway. While I am disappointed they could not finish the inspection, and I hate that our agent's and inspector's time was wasted, it is rather comical, if it isn't happening to you that is.

That is where we are at currently. Back to waiting. And yes I chuckle as type this, I laugh to keep my stress levels at bay.

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