Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Fence is Done

So this post is a few days late but the fence for our yard is finally done! Our spoiled lovely mini horse, aka Captain the Great Dane, can now play at will. {Well that was until he started digging holes in the middle of the yard. New problem I guess we'll deal with, I feel sure my momma will come to my rescue on this one.}

Back to the fence...

We have 3 gates...

Two are even 8 feet wide so if needed we can pull a truck in the gates on either side of the house.

Lots of room for our puppies to run and play...

Our contractor was great and did a great job. If you need to help with items at your home and local to the Destin area let me know and I can set you up with our contractor.

Now we'll just have to really start planning for springtime and get our outdoor space into an entertaining space. More on those ideas to come! We're already planning!

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