Monday, October 11, 2010

Seating for Two

For those of you who talk to us regularly, you all know we sold off most of our furniture when we made the jump from west coast to gulf coast. So that has left us living out boxes and in beach chairs until recently. Today I am excited that two counter stools I ordered arrived! Hooray! No more having to sit outside on our porch, unless we just want to do so of course.

I am debating on whether we need 2 or 4 stools. The bar area is quite long but the sink placement makes putting more down on that end seem like the space would be unusable. Only time will tell. I think I might order another set after I actually have a dining room table and chairs and then go from there.

I so badly want to just furnish this place, but in the end I know I will be happier if I just take my time and do it all piece by piece.

xoxo- Livin' the Gulf Dream

1 comment:

  1. Love the chairs... but you definitely need one more. Just for me ;-)