Thursday, October 28, 2010

Planning for Twins

{Stop the presses right there everyone!}

No I am not expecting twins, nor a single for that matter. {Sorry mom but that isn't in the plans right now.} I have a set of twins as a niece and nephew, and what feels like a dozen nieces and nephews to go along with them. With that said I have to dedicate a bedroom to children in our home seeing as how we have so many nieces and nephews, and not to mention almost all of friends have children.

So soon our office renovation will be complete and the temporary office will be gone, thus I'll have that bedroom back to use as an actual bedroom. I am planning on putting a set of twin beds in the room, I'm thinking XL twins for adult usage as well. With the beds facing what I am using as my everyday desk right now.

I am thinking is ivory/white quilts on the beds, with grey sheets or a graphic print, a great rug like this one, a green stool to slide under the desk, accent pillows in fabrics I love like the grey orange fabric and the turquoise here (this would make great drapes too), everything else I am unsure of at this point.

This room will be a challenge for a few reasons:

1. The twins are about to be 10 so they are no longer babies by any means, so nothing cutesy.
2. One is a boy and one is a girl. Not to mention the rest of the mix of children we'll host.
3. I want it to be adult friendly as well so if need be an adult will sleep comfortably in the room.


  1. if you will have any number of smaller children visiting, I would think really hard about the ivory/white quilt. Although it might look great, it will get dirty! (espeically if you have any little boys coming!)Any chance you could do grey quilts?

  2. Yes Karly, I agree. I know I am asking for punishment using white or ivory for kids. I thought about that after I put it all together!