Friday, October 29, 2010

Steal verses Lux

Last week I did a Steal verses Lux post so I thought maybe I should start doing more as I come across them.

While shopping for my counter stools I came across these from Sundance. Love them. But at $245 each they are way too steep for me.

But look at these from Overstock. A set of runs only $106, so a set of 4 is just over $200. A whole set is less than one from Sundance.

If you are regular reader of my blog you already know I did order these stools from overstock. I did indeed order 4. At first I only ordered two then once they arrived I determined I must have 4. The ones from overstock might be a bit misleading in the pictures. They have a finished silver coat on them that is shiny, not the unfinished galvanized look I originally thought. None the less, they still look great and have already been be put to use.

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