Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Recap

I realized I never shared our christmas here yet. So without further ado here were go!

I just love how I have sago palms and christmas wreaths I made on our front porch. Have I told you lately how much I love living at the beach! I am still on the search for a bigger front door rug by the way, both seasonal and everyday ones.

We rearranged our dining area to accommodate the tree this year. It went nicely. The only thing that irked a perfectionist like me was the chandelier placement.

For actual Christmas Eve and Christmas day we headed northward into Alabama to spend with our extended families. We loaded the mini horse up in the back of the car so while our little affenpinscher road in my lap, the great dane rested his head on my shoulder from the back seat during the trip up and back.

So you must have heard by now that the Southeast has gotten lots of snow and ice this year. We were not fully spared while in Alabama, 2 days of snow. Fortunately nothing really stuck while we were there. And did I mention our Affenpinscher Bandit was not even bothered by it? Werid for a dog that hates to get his feet wet.

Christmas Eve was no disappointment for all the kids on the Vaughn side. As you can see the tree was throwing up presents from all sides.

Hope you all a wonderful Christmas!

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