Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gun Powder and Lead

Gun powder and lead is more than just a song sung by Miranda Lambert, it is an attitude.

While on our Christmas vacation I was introduced to shooting sporting clays. Me shoot a shot gun? Um yeah it was a first for me. Imagine 2 days of snow and the temp barely getting above 32 degrees while spending a few hours outside with shot guns. Believe it or not it was a heck of a good time! Other than not being able to feel my toes I would do it all again! The smell of gun powder is rather enticing after all, who knew.

Did you try anything new over your Christmas vacation?


  1. Thats too crazy Ange and a gun oh my!! I love shooting and I just found it out a couple of years ago while on a hunt in Texas I wish we had a range closer and more time LOL!! It looks like you had fun and the snow was awesome!!

  2. Thanks ladies!

    Meg, we can go shooting when you and Scott come down! We have a sporting clays place within an hour drive.