Thursday, January 20, 2011

Transforming the Living Room

With the recent purchase of living room chairs over my birthday, the living room was screaming for it to be rearranged. Let preface this by saying I think our house was built to be more a vacation home rather than a full time living home as the common areas are rather small and the bedrooms are larger than average.

The room of course was bare when we moved in. But has so much potential.

The staircase before we moved in was rather eye catching.

A clear path to and from the front door that becomes narrow with furniture in the room.

We added some items we brought from California.

And even purchased a new couch for the space since we sold ours before the move cross country.

With the addition of the chairs it creates a more inviting area for conversation now I believe.

I think we need an upholstered bench to use as an ottoman. I have ottoman envy, but there will be a full post on that coming up soon.

I know I need something above the couch. I think a large mirror or a grouping of some sorts would be nice. I will not tackle this though until I find a piece I am in love with that has to be hung on a wall.

No the pink velvet on the chairs is not growing on me. But I currently have too many projects going to begin the task of reupholstering them just yet. I'll post soon on the process of it though. Promise.

Another view of the room currently.

She is a work in progress, like all of the rooms with our recent move. I think getting the house just like I want it will take a few years.


  1. Thanks Paula! I'm kind of scared of recovering the chairs myself but I'm having nightmares about the pink velvet.

  2. I like! then you can always slide bench under window if you have a house full of people for sitting more