Thursday, January 27, 2011

Feeling Royal

Over the weekend the hubs and I went to the movie "The Dilemma". If you have seen this or will see it pay attention to "the intervention" scene. The chair that Vince Vaughn sits in is to-die-for! Seriously. It had a royal blue silky fabric on it with a large bright floral pattern on it. If you have seen this chair on the web please share a link.

Days before I saw the chair I was finding myself drawn to royal blue items, are these all just fabulous? I swear if I were preggo, which I AM NOT ( I repeat I am not mom), I would be very tempted to make a modern nursery using the royal blue color.

Wouldn't these items make you feel royal too?

{ Liza Sherman Antiques Hand Blown Glass Blue Chandelier }

{Koi Collection Rug from Rugs USA}

How about these fabrics? I just love the use of the blues and greens.

{Schumacher's Peacock Print in Pool}

I love this color, but I am pretty sure it would not fit with the look of the rest of our home. Or would it? {Sigh} Maybe I should hire a color consultant before I start any new rooms. Or better yet I should probably first finish the ones I have already started.

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by!! Great that you found your dream spot..., am still looking for mine!